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Hellloooooo there, it's me and my future dead gummy worm that I scandalously devoured.
Just recently, I've become more inspired than ever before, and I've learned a lot from my friends, family, bloggers, and even those that I see 5 days a week between the hours of 9 - 5PM. Most importantly, let's not forget our most intelligent (sometimes) friend - the internet. SO many different portals of knowledge and inspiration out there waiting to be exploited from up-and-coming models and photographers to visual artists and musicians of all kinds. Let me also take a moment to be uber cheesy and mention how beautiful the world is. There is SO MUCH out there. What are you waiting for? Git it gurrrl.


I've had the great pleasure to work with photographer, Carlo Parducho a few times in the past as a Stylist. It's always a fun shoot with him because he's always got so much energy that he brilliantly exudes into his photography. Let me just be blunt here - he knows his shit. Models, photographers, magazine editorials, you name it he knows it and I admire him for that.

We (and by 'we' I mean myself, Carlo, and awesome MUA Miki Chang) recently worked together on a graffiti shoot in DTLA - Little Tokyo. Lezzbehonest: This was my favorite shoot to style because I used a lot of my personal taste into this one. Studs, Bling, and a ton of Bad-Assery. To top it off, we had model Valentine from No Ties Management who really did an amazing job representing the look we were going for. The result? Some really good shit.

Photographer: Carlo Parducho
MUA/Hair: Miki Chang
Model: Valentine

mucho hugz and kissez
araxie a.
Rue Electric

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