Life After Everything

Boy was I wrong, major. Life after *insert anything because I was practically doing anything and everything the last 4 years* has been nonexistent. I've been way busier now than I was when I was doing *anything*
I made a list of activities I'd want to be more involved in after *anything* and guess what, I haven't started any of it! How terrible! Super bummed. Maybe it's just these couple months. The only days I'm really in LA/home is the weekday and during the weekends, I've been out of town. I met someone super recently who I discovered loves art shows! So, I think I just may have a new art show buddy :)
I'm in dire need of inspiration. Lately, I've just been sitting on my own thoughts and my supposed to-do list that never seems finished. Hopefully when I'm done with all my trips, I'll be able to feel inspired. I've always just wanted to explore the city on my own and take pictures of colors, shapes, and everything that catches my eye. I'm starting an inspiration portfolio for me. So far, I have magazine ads that caught my eye. I'm inspired more by street fashion than runway fashion. I secretly love the brain. I love observing people and wondering "why". I love wondering why people dress the way they do. Is it inspiration from peers? runway? movies? their own self? I'd love to continue snapping candid shots of people. It's my passion. I still sell my Rue Electric items online. I need to come up with an exit strategy. I need to sit down and really think about what I want Rue Electric to become. Maybe the start of next year. Maybe once I move out on my own, I'll have more time to myself. 2 years! Need to stop spending money. I apartment shopped last night online and saved a place that really caught my attention. 1 bedroom apartment with all the ammenities for $1200 a month. Too much. I need to REALLY save up. What about gas? What about food? Entertainment? It's really a lot. Maybe I really do need to find a roomie.

I'm done blabbing.

'Til Then
araxie a.
Rue Electric

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