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Hellloooooo there, it's me and my future dead gummy worm that I scandalously devoured.
Just recently, I've become more inspired than ever before, and I've learned a lot from my friends, family, bloggers, and even those that I see 5 days a week between the hours of 9 - 5PM. Most importantly, let's not forget our most intelligent (sometimes) friend - the internet. SO many different portals of knowledge and inspiration out there waiting to be exploited from up-and-coming models and photographers to visual artists and musicians of all kinds. Let me also take a moment to be uber cheesy and mention how beautiful the world is. There is SO MUCH out there. What are you waiting for? Git it gurrrl.


I've had the great pleasure to work with photographer, Carlo Parducho a few times in the past as a Stylist. It's always a fun shoot with him because he's always got so much energy that he brilliantly exudes into his photography. Let me just be blunt here - he knows his shit. Models, photographers, magazine editorials, you name it he knows it and I admire him for that.

We (and by 'we' I mean myself, Carlo, and awesome MUA Miki Chang) recently worked together on a graffiti shoot in DTLA - Little Tokyo. Lezzbehonest: This was my favorite shoot to style because I used a lot of my personal taste into this one. Studs, Bling, and a ton of Bad-Assery. To top it off, we had model Valentine from No Ties Management who really did an amazing job representing the look we were going for. The result? Some really good shit.

Photographer: Carlo Parducho
MUA/Hair: Miki Chang
Model: Valentine

mucho hugz and kissez
araxie a.
Rue Electric


Life After Everything

Boy was I wrong, major. Life after *insert anything because I was practically doing anything and everything the last 4 years* has been nonexistent. I've been way busier now than I was when I was doing *anything*
I made a list of activities I'd want to be more involved in after *anything* and guess what, I haven't started any of it! How terrible! Super bummed. Maybe it's just these couple months. The only days I'm really in LA/home is the weekday and during the weekends, I've been out of town. I met someone super recently who I discovered loves art shows! So, I think I just may have a new art show buddy :)
I'm in dire need of inspiration. Lately, I've just been sitting on my own thoughts and my supposed to-do list that never seems finished. Hopefully when I'm done with all my trips, I'll be able to feel inspired. I've always just wanted to explore the city on my own and take pictures of colors, shapes, and everything that catches my eye. I'm starting an inspiration portfolio for me. So far, I have magazine ads that caught my eye. I'm inspired more by street fashion than runway fashion. I secretly love the brain. I love observing people and wondering "why". I love wondering why people dress the way they do. Is it inspiration from peers? runway? movies? their own self? I'd love to continue snapping candid shots of people. It's my passion. I still sell my Rue Electric items online. I need to come up with an exit strategy. I need to sit down and really think about what I want Rue Electric to become. Maybe the start of next year. Maybe once I move out on my own, I'll have more time to myself. 2 years! Need to stop spending money. I apartment shopped last night online and saved a place that really caught my attention. 1 bedroom apartment with all the ammenities for $1200 a month. Too much. I need to REALLY save up. What about gas? What about food? Entertainment? It's really a lot. Maybe I really do need to find a roomie.

I'm done blabbing.

'Til Then
araxie a.
Rue Electric


the time has come for a...

yep. a hiatus. I am less than 2 months shy from getting my bachelor's degree and I wanna make this a really good finish. which means.... I must focus focus focus. blah. march 15. i'm comin for ya.

then after that... i'm tackling this blog with inspiration boards

plus... it's been too long since i've taken a chance for a romantic relationship with someone (how's that for a fancy way of saying boyfriend?) and I just want to see where it will take me. who knows, maybe I can find inspiration from entering another kind of world.

but until then...
talk to ya!
araxie a.


First Ugly Xmas Sweater Party

yep. i did it. first ugly christmas sweater party. i really couldn't find anything except for this atrocious ralph lauren horse sweater in poop color that wasn't even christmas related!! not only that, this is the most hideous picture of me. so hideous that i love it and i'm embracing it. i could care less because i had fun. not to mention, i didn't know a single person there except for my friend who invited me to go with her so it was a bit odd at first. but after a spiked eggnog or two, i think i was all over the place :)

apparently i didn't win the contest we had (thank god?) oh, and for the record, i told her my name was roxie and out of nowhere she INSISTED on putting "foxy roxy" on my poloroid. she's totally cool in my book :) one last thing... i walked out with an air guitar from playing white elephant. nice! AND it's got laser beams as guitar strings... whaaa?!

the hot mess horse sweater chick
araxie a.


Hidden Treasures

I finally got to check out HIDDEN TREASURES in Topanga Canyon??? It was the ultimate, greatest coincidence. I needed to meet up with a knitwear designer at the post office in Topanga near her home. I mean, I've always known that Hidden Treasures was in Topanga Canyon and I was pretty bummed out when I crossed things off my to-do list and Hidden Treasures was still left hanging there. If you clicked on the link, you'll notice that I forgot the name of the place and that I mistakenly thought it was in Tujunga (same shit, just another 'T' name). Anyway... I met the woman (who by the way was extremely chill) and I noticed that some feet away was HIDDEN TREASURES. What the heck?! I'm sorry if you're thinking "who gives a crap?" because you're not as easily amused as I am especially when vintage is involved. It's like each cute little vintage number has a story to tell and I'm definitely one for stories. Sadly, I walked out empty handed. I need to return there :)

photo: me

with love,
the person wishing to live in another era,
araxie a.


Rue Electric pins now in stores!

excited beyond words! I've been working to get my Rue Electric pins in stores for a while now. when an opportunity comes knocking... ANSWER THE DAMN DOOR with some cookies in hand.


photo: bluntcard.com

this store couldn't have been a more perfect match. it's in the right neighborhood and being sold at a store with an awesome owner. she's really effing cool and i can't wait to do more business with her in the future.


Generally, shit has been looking up (some areas more than others). I went back to my friend who wanted to shoot the new products for Rue Electric since he offered to do so. I was going to use my friend and her boyfriend (dif from the initial shoot I did) except she's not available on the day of the shoot and I'm on a time crunch to shoot these babies and place them in the store just in time for holiday shopping. that's my plan! Anyway, I think I'm going create a story with the new stuff. To do so, I've got to do a little damage at BevMo (which I secretly do not mind). Ideas have been popping around my mind and it thrills me. I honestly don't know what truly motivated me to start Rue Electric, but whatever it was, I'm glad I did it because I've grown to love it like my baby love child. whatever that means.

photos: me

if i'm not busy, i'm bored. if i'm bored, i'm not happy; therefore, i need to be busy.

from a happy camper,
araxie a.

Papercut Magazine

Got a sneak preview of the shoot I worked on to be submitted to Papercut Magazine from photographer Carlo Parducho and the shots look UGH-MAZING except ya'll won't be seeing any of it until further notice :). I honestly love styling. Before, during, and after the shoot. The whole process of it (esp prepping) can be a little nerve wracking when you're working towards the shoot date. It's so easy to network this way. I feel like this time around, I've met a lot of friendly people which I hope to work with again in the future.

from left to right
Makeup and Hair Stylist: Dari A. So
Wardrobe Stylist: Araxie Ashkharian (me)
Model: Jessica Spangler of No Ties Management
Photographer: Carlo Parducho
Assistant Photographer: Melanie Kwok

with hugs, kisses, and everything girly (blah)
araxie a.
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